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Allowance vs. Balance

The grace of the individual, the confusion of the crowd and the intricacy of a relationship, any relationship, they all have layers and expectations…highs and lows.

No relationship between any two people is ever going to be everlastingly serene or blissful..not if the people are real and invested in any form or fashion.

If I believe that you need to allow people to be themselves, and the only person I can control is myself, others may be apt at guiding or influencing others but I would sooner think those about me are there by desire and not obligation…Ok maybe someday…when I am somewhere through choice and not circumstance.

If I care about the person in my life, I will want them to be happy, but at some point I need to be happy as well.

Why would you not wish to be happy?

I lost hope, gave up on dreams and began to view the box of pictures as nothing more than a box of death..almost everyone depicted in there is gone, passed.

It is unfair because most of the people there were good, kind and hard working…if not strong and hilarious.

It is funny because you do not see it happening, just one day you realize that what was is gone and what is – is smothered.

So why is it I am not allowed to desire to be happy – all the other things that people do?

When will I get out of my own way?

Fear is a wonderful form of self-defense until it kills your hopes, dreams, desires and ability to be yourself…

…Reaching out might not cost you the arm.

Careful of those walls that surround you because not only do they keep you safe inside, but they keep those you may love at bay outside.

I will allow others to be themselves, but I have to allow myself to be me..

..even if what I cherish most is what others value the least.


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