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I am me, whether you like, hate, or ignore me does not matter.

Should not matter.

I am me.

I have the right to share what I think, as long as I am not harming, offending or inciting anyone..or breaking laws.

I will not countenance bullies..I shall not allow anyone to bully me into doing, saying or being treated other than I think is fair, right and proper.

This does not mean luxury, just not being a doormat or a whipping post.

If someone is willing to push people around to get what they want, they are on the same intellectual level as my dog. But she is a loving snuggling pup not grumpy or abusive.

There is a difference between someone who is a bully, and someone who is a leader – a caretaker/guider.

Leaders, caretakers/guiders..have confidence, knowledge, caring and protective designs on those around them.

Bullies want their own way.

A leader may well give orders or expects things to be done but they are not unreasonable, they take into consideration the welfare and personal safety of their charges.

Circumstances are thought out, plans are made and considered before being put into motion, usually, and the abilities of the person/s to carry out assignments is considered.

Bullies want their own way, if you are safe or not is a minor detail.

The aftermath of a bully is like a bomb blast of devastation. Entering into discourse with same is likely to end up badly unless of course, you intimidate them.


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