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Check yourself

Walls are wonderful things, they protect you from the elements, the whirlwind of the world, but some walls start out being blessings and turn into prisons.

Walls are good.

Letting them down, or watching them crack..scarey.

At first it isn’t so bad but then you see what is happening and out comes the putty and the filler.

It has been my experience that most men, do not wish to settle down with one woman and share a life.

They do not desire a nesting bird, they want the pretty, demanding, self concerned ones…I often wonder if there isn’t a huge streak of masochism running rampant along with testosterone distribution in the system.

A man I loved once said to me – The good guys never get the pretty women.

It must have been a Freudian slip as he always said he loved me.

Ah well maybe he has one, or 4 now.

I do not really have an issue with men who desire to play the field, enter into some self abusive male masochistic based poly relationship.  Any man wishing to dwell with more than one woman under one roof is either a masochist or slightly crazy – just my opinion though. Regardless, I do not have an issue with what consenting adults get up to in their spare time as long as it is consensual and not illegal.

My issue is, why they do not seek out those who wish for the same thing?

Why lie?

If you meet someone who says, they are looking for a relationship why not pass them by?


When  you come to understand that whatever your dreams and hopes were, they are not going to happen, walls are a good thing.

When you see them cracking, it is time to step back, re-putty, and regain distance because otherwise you may find some foundational damage that is not repairable afterwards.


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