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This moment

Bless me with this moment.

This feeling.

Your gift even if you can not see it.

This smile and peace.

The desire to touch yet ..

..it would break the moment and change who you are.

Ah yearning to touch, yet feeling the distance and doubting the wisdom.

I have no wish to change you,

Even as I feel the metamorphosis that you have set in motion within me.

Admiring you is easy, discovering you is hard.

Yet you enthrall, entrance and closer is the only desire I have.

I am no moth, yearning for the mindless heat of just any flame..

…you are no senseless blaze destined to devastate indiscriminately, if at all.

You build up, rather than tear down.

Yet my fingertips tingle at the thought of a simple caress…

..hoping this moment continues..

..grateful regardless.


© pulchritudynous a.k.a. Simple Lady 2013


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