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Caliginous Moments

~Dedicated to the pessimistic girlfriend (recently heartbroken) who said I was too romantic and that love did not exist. There are times when this is how I feel..but in the end I still prefer to believe in Love and heroes.~

Caliginous Moments

Appearances are deceiving.

Prison is not without, it’s within.

The open door is a hurdle.

Freedom a sadistic joke.

There are no knights.

Merely people living their own lives.

There are no saints.

Only those who wear costumes.

There are no sinners.

Just people struggling to survive.

There is no safe place.

You can always be found.

There is no refuge.

Existence is pain.

Sanctuary is a mirage,

Encouraged by hunters to calm their prey.

Love is an illusion.

Fanned to life by poets and romantics.

Devotion is the thing of myth.

The facade that is easiest to abandon.

Loyalty is the fabric of story.

The fabled stuff of heros and glory.

Bravery is not the thing of soldiers and war.

Courage rests with the helpless.

Those trapped and unknown.

Refusing to accept that merely breathing is failure.

© pulchritudynous a.k.a. Simple Lady 2013


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