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Pondering the now.

There are things that bring each of us joy, contentment and happiness.  Right now this instant mine is nowhere near me…

…it is okay because I would likely just talk to much and spoil everything anyway.


Each day is filled with moments, some we are aware of and others, not so much.


You can dream of something, want it with all your heart and soul but there is a voice that says see that there? It’s a line, it says do not pass…this is not for you.


Someone once said you make your own opportunities but when it comes to other people, well that might get you jailed quicker than abiding by the restrictions.


The harshest kindness anyone can do is be honest, so that you are not left wondering where you are, what is going on and if your just to stupid to actually get the undercurrent…it’s in some language that you never learned.


Perhaps what is, is and what will be won’t…perhaps the best moments will be what has been and the dreams will fade into nothingness so as not to haunt one.


When I do not understand, I doubt.

When I am confused, I retreat.

When I am afraid, I withhold.


If you are not invested wholeheartedly, you can not be broken…again.


Instead of pondering what if, who whats and where when’s, just be.


Accept this instant..it may well be the best you ever have..what perversity would deny yourself a smile, when you are barely apart from the river of tears?


Allow yourself to breath..when you are happy perchance fate will allow you to savor it.


If you do not try, feel, live, yearn for..desire..hope..then..as my nightmare so neatly foretold..your already out of the realm of the living.


Opening your hand to another, is braver than brandishing a fist…and maybe they might take that hand instead of cutting it off.


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