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It is so nice to settle into bed after a long day, your catching a cold so as you settle in you snuggle the covers and sigh into the pillows.

Your mind drifts through nice thoughts as you contemplate sleep, the world being so very far away and nothing is worrying you.

The dog gets under the covers, curls up beside you and offers a little bit of warmth to one area and even before your asleep, she is already snoring away like a tanker truck on the highway.

Bedtime, drifting off to sleep, warm, relaxed and…

…the abrupt awakening of the dog landing on your stomach (all 60LBs) so that you look like a bug that got poked and ooomph is the least of the sounds you make.

She is happy…but it’s time to take the dog out..

..the going to sleep part is working out but the waking up needs some toning down.

Good morning world.


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