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I hate being sick.

I hate being sick.

I hate the foggy headedness, the desire to sleep but you can’t, razor blades in the throat accompanied by swelling, sinus’ that want to explode or implode and when your not running a fever your a human icicle.

The same movie has played 3 times over and I know I missed a key part so I will watch it again when I find my brain.

There is no complexity of thought when your sick.

You just want to feel better, less icky or even a little less bad.

That would do.

I learned tonight that while I was not engaging with people online an acquaintance was being stalked online…I feel bad that I was of no help but then other than supportive words there is not much that I could do.

Stalking is no fun, I had someone key my car, flatten all 4 tires…basically be a terrorizer.

It is not pleasant and I do feel bad.

Once it happens you kind of do not shake the feeling again, the restraint just in case.

It is sad.

The person was definitely there trying to make a difference for others not just shits and giggles.

Aw well nothing I can do so..I am sorry..wish they were not going through this and  I wish I was not sick.

Heading back to bed..if the dog will move over and share.

Just thought, they don’t still shoot horses that feel this bad…so much for that old saying.


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