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Stupidity of now

I ask for my socks that I bundled into a ball and forgot to bring up with me, to be tossed up.

So she throws them up.

They fly straight up,  do a perfect horseshoe arc and land right in my hot cup of tea.

She asks if I caught them.

If only you knew.

Well..no..not how I wanted.

Being sick I did not move quickly and in fact it was kinda unbelievable, whose socks get thrown up and land in their hot cup of tea????

I mean, people wonder when I say I have the best bad luck.

A Professional basketball player would dream of a throw like that.

The socks did fit kinda perfect right there in the cup.

Alas, I had to go down and make myself another hot tea and recruit a new pair of socks, those ones just made the big league, called: The washing machine.


Unbelievable things that happen…strikes again when there is no one there to actually see it, but myself and…

…the dog.

Though she did believe me as I dropped the tea soaked socks down to her, she is still giggling about it.

Sighs…that had been a good tea too.


One thought on “Stupidity of now

  1. There has to be a way of using this unique talent for unliklyness to your advantage. I shall bend my mind to it.
    Tip. Ian’s razor states that when holding a cup of tea, coffee,glass of beer anything thrown in your direction will veer towards the liquid of it’s own volition. Henceforth this trait shall be known as Kimsockytea syndrome.
    Remember: If a job’s worth doing it’s worth delegating.

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