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Stupidity of Now Day 2

Okay 1 day a week should be sufficient but apparently not.

Yesterday night, I needed something to watch, nothing fancy or thought-provoking just something to watch. Who needs thought-provoking when you feel like your body hates you and your head might explode?

The dog and I decided to watch “The Strangers”, okay the dog really didn’t contribute much beyond stealing my spot on the couch when I put the movie on.

“The Strangers” is a 2008 Horror/mystery/thriller, with Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, in which a couple go to this secluded house for a romantic evening that did not quite happen as Scott Speedman’s character hopes (yes he has a ring for her).  They are alone, it’s nice and cosy but then odd things start to happen.

Someone is getting into the house, turning on the old record player, moving things and…well it swirls downhill from there into the whole house invasion, blood, gore, and horror flick.

I won’t spoil the surprise.

The dog credits it with two startled jumps on my part (she was on my lap sleeping until the second – after two sudden startled movements your on your own jack).

So that bring us to this morning.

I was listening to the music in my room, the dog on my bed, she is working hard on tolerating my sneezing and coughing – allowing me to sputter away in relatively peaceful discomfort…with the odd irritated glance and humph.

when all of a sudden downstairs there comes this blast of hard rock music.

Dog and I both look at the bedroom door wondering what the heck???.

The music is LOUD.

It is inside the house.

But we are the only two in the house.

Of course as is normally the case, the dog is waiting for me to go first.

We go downstairs (we have been down to make tea so we know that no one was home) and we find the stereo in the kitchen blasting away, since its too high up on the wall for easy sorting out, we unplug it.

We check about, the front door is unlocked (not anymore) but no one is in the house, so we return to our room.

Only now the dog is acting like there is someone outside.

Thus does Stupidity of Now gain a part 2


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