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Some things are just…priceless.

Still sick, ya I know, it seems to be getting worse so while I was doing the chores and cleaning the kitchen I was more into goal accomplishment than attentiveness to puppy like I usually am.

I took a hard crusted baguette and gave it to the dog.

I thought, ya I know I MUST be sicker then I thought, that the dog would go YES, score…talk about an idea that fizzled.

Fizzled? That implies that it even got off the ground.

I tossed it over to her in the living room, and  she looked at it, glanced at me, then stared at the bread on the floor.

Pokes it with her nose.

Jumps back.

Looks at me.

Contemplates the bread and starts barking at the bread.

Apparently the bread is an unexploded grenade in food form…or at least that is how the dog is treating the situation.

Guess hard crusted baguette is akin to C4.

Of course, my taking pictures and video clips of her antics did not endear me to the hound at all.

She might speak to me later, right now she is hogging the bed.


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