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1 post in 20

Makes it to publish.

Right now, I write for me.

It actually shocks me should anyone pause to read what I say, when I realize someone has or is, my reaction is to become a turtle from the old cartoons and pup into my shell…come out later when no one notices.

I have read some wonderful things written by others, and thought, I wish… but that is not me.

I write what I think, feel, have experienced and sometimes it is positive, at others it is not so good.  I have irritated some people in how I write (I know cause they send me comments), or indeed with the content.

I am sorry if I irritate, but to be honest, I do not think of you when I am writing. Sounds horrible doesn’t it?

When it’s something really personal and difficult to share for whatever reason, I do not look at the screen, I just type.

120 wpm touch typist, so I can type myself into trouble faster than I can think myself out of it.

Yet only 1 post in 20 will see PUBLISH get clicked.

As I work on improving the HOW I write, I doubt that I shall change the why.

I am tired of being an island, and sometimes I see things that make me want to say something so much better than I know how.

Because they (whomever they happen to be) deserve it, even from the turtles of the group.

Human beings are a wondrous and sometimes confusing mass of intellects, emotions, perceptions.and bias’.

I can only share the 1 that is me.


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