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Just being me.

I was reading something earlier today, it made me think.

Someone said that worrying about how to write made them consider giving up writing.

Why do you write?

Of all the things that go through people’s minds when they sit down to write, the fears some conquer just putting words out to be read, how they will be seen, IF they are. When you think on it HOW is not the first issue, it is actually more important to get to the writing first.

No one can give you the words, and having the current style, being highbrow or nouveau educated, is not going to add quality to the content of your writing, it will just make a small thought sound better.

I am not being critical of anyone, merely trying to point out that substance, ideas and wording are not the province of any one particular group or person.  Talent is a gift.  If you feel unable to share that bounty because you do not think you know how, you build a wall that silences everything you may have to share.

Why are you writing?

To sell a book, or share something meaningful? To amuse or just skip a stone across quiet waters and see what ripples appear?

I frankly never think of people reading what I write.  If I did, I would probably censor myself out of being able to because I was never “trained” to write.  Does that mean I should not?  Or is something I write going to make 1 person feel better, less alone, happy or even consider a new idea which may introduce them to their gift?

Is that not what writing is? An essential but definitely under appreciated “art” of communication?

While I learn to improve the how, forgive me if I do not stop writing simply because someone might find it imperfect or requiring I edit it again.

If I stop because of what someone else MIGHT think, I am allowing myself to be censored and well my insecurities do that enough as it is, they do not need help from strangers.

To be imperfect is to be human, to be curious is to live and to wish to do better is to encompass the drive to succeed.

I am just here practicing a less than perfect variation of communication, as such I am not alone.

For a change.


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