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I will never figure out why…

…people block the doorway when your wishing to leave the room?

It is not a logical action.

The instant that is done, I no longer care what the discussion was about, not going to listen to anything, and certainly not going to say anything because I wish to leave the room and someone is in my way.

Conversations flow, no matter what kind it is, this is putting a stopper into the bottle.

I would sooner have the chihuahua following me about nattering about whatever has their dander up, politics, religion, the reality of Santa or the Easter bunny.

Blocking the doorway and refusing to move, is inane, childish and borders on being a bully.

I’ll pass thank you…had an ex that did stuff like this…if you wanna intimidate someone find someone whose ex didn’t throw beds across the room or strangle them because he had a bad day or lost money gambling.

Proper etiquette, or personal tolerance is, step back allow the person to pass and either follow to talk or not, your choice.



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