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The new and the old.

Today is new. As I look out the window, I know it will never happen again.
This moment, the air on my skin, the sound in my ears, and the view before me, it all exists now, with this thought, and enhanced by this feeling.
It will not happen again, not exactly the same.
Time shared is more precious as it is done in tandem.
You may experience a million firsts, but do not lose heart, for the seconds will be as individual and meaningful.  For each feeling is new within it’s moment.  Each activity affected by those enjoying it, just as each breath is scented differently as you stroll through a garden.
Fear not the mundane or the usual, for only you can allow it to become so.  When the initial fear and discovery passes, then you can allow yourself to feel more, and the freedom to lose yourself in the moment or savor the second.
As your eyes see, this second, changes.
So fear not what comes next, but enjoy the confidence and the delight, of discovering more than you could have in the beginning.


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