It has been a rough week…moving never is easy is it?

Okay for someone it has to be just never around me.

Yesterday I asked someone to take some rather heavy boxes downstairs for me, my arm still hurts from the incident with the dog…ya I know not blogged about that but anyway (later in a humorous way I will)…they did not so I carried them down on my left shoulder.

Ya, I forgot.

So right now my left shoulder/triceps/biceps/et all hurt like a not very happy over worked group of muscles.

Popeye where are you when I need you?
No…pass on the spinach.

Dog says, she has had enough of all this…it SUCKS.

She is right…genius dog I have here…okay gone for 5 days (no internet so this should be a rocking bad time as 3 room mates are addicts of the internet)…cold turkey…this should be interesting.

Have a good week folks…am sure I will have a lot to blog about if I survive it (1 has a boyfriend in Canada and this is going to kill them both…well that is what they say).

Dog and I will be back.

She ain’t so sure right now but hey someone has to be an optimist.


Now if only I could close my left hand or lift something…great start to moving day.

Bionic man handy?

Thought not

Oh hey great weather for moving
Let it snow let it snow let it snow


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