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Antagonistic Cynicism.

I awoke today feeling sluggish, suffering from a sore back and headache.

Of course I had awoken earlier and the dog had visited me, she has a timer, once the timer goes off she barks to leave (she believes in fair and equitable dog time for everyone).

I was delighted to have missed the mad dash about looking for Easter eggs.

Which brings me to what inspired this post.

What does Easter mean to you?

Does it pass like any other day?

Do you actually go to church?

Do you watch the 10 Commandments and then dive into a huge family dinner?

Does the Easter bunny hop by and deliver all things chocolate and fun?

Myself, Easter has gone through a few changes in my life…to learning Pysanka (Ukrainian egg decorating) with friends when I was 8, to a couple years of watching adults get drunk while the kids ran riot when watching the 10 commandments got to be boring (which for a group was usually right quick). To quiet contemplation and amusement at others who view it as chocolate heaven.

Whatever your choice is for the day, weekend or life, I hope it makes you happy, content and full of positives.


This morning, I watched people trying to make up for someone else’s not being bothered to get his kids anything for Easter.

Now, these particular kids have a mother that spoils them rotten, serious understatement there.  If they are in a store and do not get what they want, they will demand it or scream/cry until they get it.

In my view, what you do is your choice, once you are an adult your going to have to live your life, either you believe or you don’t (in anything or anyone) and how you perceive things is going to be shaded by what went on as you grew up.

Wanting the best for your kids, that is something all parents should feel.

Someone might understand my current feelings, which is kids who are so spoiled that appreciation is out the window and demand fulfillment is what they see as their right of existence, are going to have issues as they grow up.

I stopped “expecting” early on, but occasionally I slip into forgetting to be appreciative of things that I get, time, attention, treats, inclusion…but somewhere between the two is a balance.

As I watch the Easter egg treats being made from chocolate, I can appreciate the desire for kids not to do without, the effort being made to do things as we feel they should be for kids.

Yet right behind that thought is the question, will they appreciate it?

Someone is going to say that it does not matter if they do or not.

However, if you appreciate nothing, view everything as automatically your right to have if you want it, what are you learning as you grow up?

Part of me thinks instead of chocolates, he should be DOING something special with them, taking them out of the routine into an area they don’t visit, quality parent time with eggs thrown in.

However, everyone has the right to raise their kids as they see fit.

Just wondering how quickly these kids will slide through to the place of antagonistic cynicism, or if they will realize how lucky they really are?

I did not need anyone telling me that other kids did not have what I did as I grew up, I got to see it and in grade 3, I started going door to door collecting for charities, at a time when that was still done…no one suggested it…the parents were surprised…but I think in the end it did me good to feel I helped even a little.

As bad as it gets, somewhere, someone has it worse.

Even children.


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