A Picture That Reminded Me Of Differing Viewpoints.

Sunset. Hope In View.

I have been taking pictures, locally around the house, needing to use ones eyes to see what is worth taking a picture rather than venturing out to have something leap forward exclaiming, “take my photo please”.

It occurred to me that as in most things, no two people will see things exactly the same.

I can show someone this picture and they will be bored, nod and say ok.

Someone else will see colours, hues, clouds, time, thoughts, and feel different things, all from a picture that the first person considered drab, boring and “why would you want that?”

Sometimes I will write something and think that the point that I am seeking to make is clear, but someone else reading it can come away with something else due to their mindset, experience or how they interpret my words at the time.

I guess it can also be said for how we see each other, and who or what we consider beautiful.

Understanding is not automatic, our thoughts, reasoning, and views are shaded by our lives, experiences, educations and those little preconceived notions we have that we may or may not realize.

So when I look at something I think is lovely, or speaks to me, it is hard to remember someone else is going to look at it and think, what trash.

This would apply to almost everything that is presented for subjective appraisal by another, regardless of venue.

Photograph by Simple Lady

Photograph by Simple Lady


Views from the everyday.

Dancing Butterflies

Walking the dog I noticed things that I wanted to take pictures of.

Simple things, that you see everyday but most of the time we don’t pause to look. notice or bother to take pictures of.

Now the dog is patient, and use to me dragging her off to take pictures, standing still while I click away at something.  I am lucky that she is so tolerant.

While we were checking out a new spot, we noticed a bunch of butterflies, different types, and I decided we needed to try taking a few pictures.

Definitely got on the dog’s last nerve, as there was a cat following us around, which she feels is just so not apropos.

For the next few weeks my picture blog will likely be filled with photos of things we are too busy to take the time to notice in the everyday.

Simplify the richness of the environment we live in…just leave out the cats (for the dog) and spiders (for me).

Maybe we will all look about a little more, and see what we are hurrying through to get to where we are going.

Pictorially Inspired is where the pictures that are stacking up will make an appearance.


No one

You are not less than another,
Despite what exists in the mind of a bully.
One person may be pushed, pulled, bullied, ignored, and diminished,
They select the target.

No one is going to stand up for you,
No one cares unless it touches them.
No one assures balance or respect.
No one returns the value or heals the wounds.

Nobody will pick you up when you stumble,
When trusting wrong or blurred vision confuses.
Nobody worries about you, or counts you as special.
If you step off the edge, you will fall till you hit bottom.

Nothing is the content of promises.
Nothing is the weight of words.
Nothing is the value of empty apologies.
Nothing is what you become in the light of negativity.

How often do you need to beat your head against a wall,
Before the pain seeps in showing you the actuality?
You have no one, nobody cares and nothing is the destination before you.
Yet it is your fault, despite the struggle not to sink, accept or give up.

That boat needs bailing,
Your alone with the only bucket.
Feel the water on your toes,
Finally you figure out just how it goes.

All the promises of before have come to naught.
Expect nothing.
Accept No one.
Trust nobody.


Hands Up, Baby Hands Up……….

Hands Up, Baby Hands Up………..

OK. Today I’m going to start with a quick “show of hands” type thing.

Hands up all of you that think that the 20% cuts to the police are not having an adverse effect on the way that the police are able to do their job.

I see. Interesting. Mr Cameron, Mrs May and Mr Winsor, please put your hands down and sit on them. Now remain in that position until I’ve finished. Thank you.

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I thought that due to the cuts imposed on the police, in the name of “reform”, that things would get worse, before they got better, and not just for the police.

In my opinion, the first duty of any government, is to protect its people.

In this country, this protection is usually carried out by the police and the armed services.

But how can the police protect the public if they can’t protect their own?

Quite recently, a colleague of mine had his push bike stolen from his shed, which he duly reported to the police.

The following day, while off duty, he saw a youth riding said bike and gave chase on foot. Having caught up with the youth, he identified himself as a police officer, phoned the local constabulary, and detained the youth. He had caught up with the youth at a place that would appear to have been close to the youth’s home address, as it would appear that the commotion had been heard by people in the houses nearby. (The youth had been proclaiming his innocence at stealing the bike, and had been trying to make good his escape).

Another male, then appeared from one of the houses nearby, brandishing an axe! He told my colleague to let the youth go. With no back up, no PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and still no sign of the local constabulary, He let the youth go. After all, the odds weren’t on his side. After letting go of the youth, the youth then picked up a length of wood and struck out at my colleague, hitting him on the arm, and shouted “Have your f*****g bike back!”

Fortunately, my colleague was not seriously injured, and he got his bike back. But my point is this:

He’d found himself in a position whereby he had detained a suspected offender, identified himself as a police officer, and was then confronted by a male with an axe. There was no back up, and no sign of the local police, to which he’d explained everything on his mobile phone.

And all of this took place not 200 metres from an SNT station.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. He does not blame the local police for not getting to his aid promptly. He knows how thinly we’ve been stretched and the conditions in which we have to work. He ended up with a grazed arm. It could have been a whole lot worse.

I have read about too many good, brave officers who have been been killed, or seriously injured, whether on duty or off, in the past few years. I don’t want to be reading about any more.

It’s a sad and desperate state of affairs, when the local police can’t get to the aid of anybody being confronted by someone with an axe, let alone one of their own.

These are the time we live in, people. And it’s not looking like things are about to improve any time soon. Millions of pounds cut from police budgets over the past two years, with millions of pounds of more cuts to come over the next couple of years.

Read it and weep folks.

Oh. Before I forget. Mr Cameron, Mrs May and Mr Winsor, you can stop sitting on your hands now.

This post is from SteelRiverBoy

Who has a marvelous blog, worth checking out.


My thoughts….

Some down to earth reality about cutting back on the numbers of Police Officers – and the cuts are not finished yet.

My comments can not really express just how upset this situation makes me.

I am very thankful that Steely allowed me to re-blog this post…I hope some people find it illuminating of the issues going on and worse, an indication of what is coming.

At some point, the safety of the public needs to be more important than bailing out banks, or raises for Politicians, doesn’t it?

Maybe that’s just me.

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon.

No excuses possible for such as this.

I feel immeasurable sadness for those who lost their lives, who were injured, their families and the emergency workers who have to feel, see and fix what has been torn apart.

It is the horror of man, the ability to consider such as this in any way shape or form.


There are a lot of firsts that happen on our birthdays, whether they are positive firsts or negative will depend on the event or lack there of.

Yesterday was the first birthday knowing that my brother Tim had joined mom and grama, and I was without all of them.

It is not that birthdays were stellar, they were not, but birthdays are the time when most of us take stock in the progression of our lives, ourselves and those around us including family we may not see often.

As firsts go, I could have done without this one for a long time.

I still miss my mom, as we were close, and I always got a hug on my birthday.


The Liebster Award.

Well knock me over with a feather, I am still kind of surprised but very flattered that Kimberly would be kind enough to pick my blog for note in this way, and she gets a very sincere thank you for the compliment.

I have been looking at this screen for a few minutes, totally nonplused because this is kinda new.

Firstly if you have a moment (or several hours) to check out Kimberly’s blog: Words4jp

I did after she commented on a rather dark post of mine and found myself admiring her for not only her strength but willingness to share.  I hope she continues because she inspires and comforts, whether she knows it or not.

I will quote from her blog about the Liebster Award:

The Liebster Award is very unique in the fact it brings recognition to the smaller blogs of the ‘verse.  With that in mind, all of the nominated blogs will have under 200 followers.

Liebster Award

The rules:

1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.  

3. Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.  

4. Display the Liebster Award logo. 

5.  No tag back thingys.

To begin with the nominees:

~Click on the names to visit ~

1. Poems and Stuff

2. At A Loss Of Words

3. River of Strings

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5. Tea, Books & Thoughts

6. Crumbling Words

7. Hades

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10. A Thousand Days Of Blah

11. The Curious Christian Cat

The following are 11 questions for me to answer:

  1. Favorite junk food?
    Depends on my mood, salty would be Old Dutch Potato chips (all dressed flavor), sweet would be a coffee crisp.
  2. What would be your dream job?
    Writing, helping others or dispatching.
  3. What would be your ultimate costume – for Halloween or any costume party you would attend?
    Harem girl.
  4. Preferred form of exercise?  (Lifting a finger does qualify).
    Walking of late, aerobics /step or circuit training.
  5. What was your best birthday present ever?
    Best all time present – is the dog asleep next to me but that was Christmas, birthday uhm faux biker jacket I got yesterday.
  6. If you could change the world – what would you change?
    Eliminate hunger (humans and animals) / poverty
  7. If I asked you to sing a song right now, which song would you select?
    Coat of Many Colours by Dolly Parton, was my mother’s favorite song, still makes me cry.
  8. Are you a righty or a lefty?
  9. Your favorite room or space in your house/apartment…..?
    To write? Wherever it is quiet, to relax wherever I do not feel shut in…
  10. This may require some research:  Which Greek god or goddess would you choose to be?
    Hebe, the goddess of youth, was also a goddess of forgiveness. The slaves who were freed would hang their chains on her statue.
  11. Which do you prefer more – looking at a beautiful clear, blue sunny sky or a night sky full of stars?
    Aurora Borealis.

Here are my 11 questions for the nominees:

  1. What makes you want to write/blog?
  2. What time of day is your time to write?
  3. What is your favorite drink?
  4. What is your least favorite topic – what are you tired of hearing about?
  5. What is your favorite restaurant?
  6. When you close your eyes to sleep, what thoughts help you drift off?
  7. If you had to spend a day walking would you prefer in a city, on a beach, seaside, country field, secluded forest or other?
  8. What is your favorite book/movie?
  9. Are you a confident writer?
  10. What topics would you like to see blogged about?
  11. How bored have all these questions made you?

Last but not least, facts about me……..

  1. I am a farm girl and love animals.
  2. I enjoy reading, watching moves and writing.
  3. I am agoraphobic, scared of heights, escalators make me want to hurl and elevators…might fall.
  4. I love blue.
  5. Night time is my most productive time.
  6. I admire those who serve their communities as Police, EMTs, Military, Firemen etc
  7. I do not trust politicians
  8. I have lived through -50 C and blizzards/ +105C and tornados.
  9. I hate mosquitoes
  10. I like the series Supernatural and Game of Thrones.
  11. I like to take pictures.

Thanks again to Kimberly (Word4jp’s Blog) for this very sweet compliment.

I hope that some of the folks I picked get noticed, as most are starting out and show a lot of promise for different reasons – all deserve a thank you for sharing and being part of the world of WordPress Bloggers.