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Stupid things that happen…to some people.

For a couple years I have had this bean bag that you microwave to heat up and put on your sore parts, neck, back, knee or head for example and it helps to relieve the pain.

Every time it gets microwaved for the same amount of time, put it in, do your stuff, come back and your all set, right?

This morning I put it in, made a tea, returned to the microwave and took it out, noting the harsh burning smell.

First clue there is an issue.

Then I see the charred circle in the bag.


And the smoke.

So I take it to the sink, run cold water over that end and discover that the other end has a hole burned through.

So I thanked it for it’s lengthy service and put it out in the yard on the concrete wall, so it can be trashed later.

Now I have to put up with the chorus of, so you burned the beanie, how did you manage that?

Spontaneous combustion due to idiot questions, work for you?


Some people say that they meditate and get nothing out of it, well today I struggled through meditating and at the end of the 15 minutes, out of the blue, I remembered where I had put my favorite brush.

I have waist length hair so I have issues with brushes tangling in my hair and causing more problems than resolving.

So for those who say meditation does nothing for them, hey I found my brush.

Silver lining to everything, somewhere.

Now to find the feeling in my tush sooner, that would be a bonus.


At some point today, something will happen that is not unusual.

A dog walker’s version of Road rage? Dunno his excuse.

I am sure all tall big men are not rudely aggressive while walking little west highland white terriers – so this goes into the “unusual encounters” of the day file.

Things come in threes right? So this should be it. We hope.



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