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Masks, Mirrors and Smokescreens.

A couple people have said to me recently that I have a bad or horrible story for every occasion.

The funny thing is, they don’t know 1/4 of it and when they say that I think, time to shut up.

Time to stop being me.

Who cares anyway?

Got me with that one actually.

I have a button in storage that says, “Who cares, why bother?”

So if no one cares, why say anything?

Silence is golden…yet another way of saying…shut up.

If we prize silence so much, why do we speak?

If keeping everything hidden is so important, why does anyone blog?

If silence is an indication of wisdom, we would all strive to be a race of mind readers, having our vocal cords removed.

Now there is a thought, increase productivity by removing vocal cords and handing everyone a keyboard with prepared options for communication.

How are you?

I am fine.

How may I help you?

~select from option list below~

For all the various in-numerous appreciations of stoicism, silence and bottling things up, each compliments the holder of the secret, observer of others and the benign being who orbits outside of interaction merely watching the masks flit across peoples faces.

Eyes that observe others avoiding the mirrors that would show themselves for the simple, reserved but ever so human being, just like everyone else.

If everyone was to keep things to themselves that would make another uncomfortable, sad, worry, upset, happy, glad, overjoyed or depressed, then the art of communication would cease to exist, and each of us would shrivel up within the boundaries of silence, which are proclaimed to be desired.

Human interaction would become a smokescreen, hiding real feelings, thoughts and opinion and worshiping the facade of the perfect, strong and wise.

When we all crumple to dust, what will be known of our true selves if we follow the strict precept of silence?

The next generation cares less for the things we think we should be embarrassed or ashamed of than we think, just as the previous one put more stock in certain modes of behaviour, the next will think hiding anything because it was not socially acceptable or P.C. at the time, silly.

I discovered when my mother and grandmother passed away, secrets that they never shared because societally speaking they were ashamed.

The views long ago changed but neither felt able to share things that they should have, because in their generations, such things were NOT spoken of.

My view of them has not changed, I understand the reticence to share…I am saddened that they felt thus because I value conversation, intimacy and interaction.

The expression of ones humanity.

No one needs to know all the things I have seen, pain I have felt or the horrors I have experienced.

The number of times I begged some unseen deity to not let something happen, fought to keep something from happening or felt the loss or disillusionment of failure…well the odds were against us but still we tried.

The joys, laughter, fun and glory.

If I follow the oft quoted ideals of silence and stoicism being the cornerstones of the wise and strong…there would be nothing more to say.

When you feel unable to communicate, you are being rendered invisible, unheeded and it will not pass away without emotion or that feeling of loss of self.

The wall has no ears, the dog will not tell anyone you spoke but neither will appreciate your words, learn from or laugh at what your sharing with them…and the wind.

I would sooner children learn to speak to their parents, siblings to each other and the gentle art of communication start to do some good, instead of bolstering a facade of alrightness that decrys the facts of the soul.

Just my views though.


3 thoughts on “Masks, Mirrors and Smokescreens.

  1. Don’t you dare keep quiet my Lady! People like you need to keep talking…yeah you like I will only share a tiny part of our experiences but think of all those who feel alone… Those who have been blessed never to have felt these things…
    Both groups benefit from the window into your thoughts and the critics? One never can say anything important without someone wanting to diminish you…it says more about them than you! xx

  2. Thanks Jules. You know that really does help when I wonder if something I just wrote should just be erased…deleted. You are an awesomely supportive and wonderful lady…and family taxi )) Keep your chin up, and that smile bright, you earned every ray of sunshine and happiness you encounter.

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