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There are a lot of firsts that happen on our birthdays, whether they are positive firsts or negative will depend on the event or lack there of.

Yesterday was the first birthday knowing that my brother Tim had joined mom and grama, and I was without all of them.

It is not that birthdays were stellar, they were not, but birthdays are the time when most of us take stock in the progression of our lives, ourselves and those around us including family we may not see often.

As firsts go, I could have done without this one for a long time.

I still miss my mom, as we were close, and I always got a hug on my birthday.



5 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Very well said. My father passed away two weeks ago. My birthday was on Friday – and less than stellar. I’m sorry you’re going through that as well.

    • Thank you, I am sorry to hear of your loss. It is simple to say it is never easy, but sometimes it alters the world a little for those who go through such losses.
      I hope things get better and you have people that are supporting you through this.

  2. There are no people who can ever replace your family especially mom…I want to hold you and comfort you… May I tell you that so many people love you and gain affirmation of their own feelings via your writing? Hope this is a small positive thing to come to you in friendship and love xx

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