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Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon.

No excuses possible for such as this.

I feel immeasurable sadness for those who lost their lives, who were injured, their families and the emergency workers who have to feel, see and fix what has been torn apart.

It is the horror of man, the ability to consider such as this in any way shape or form.


5 thoughts on “Boston Marathon

    • Disgusting, horrifying, and senseless. I end up in tears for strangers, victims, survivors, families, emts, police the lot because it is so devastating and inhuman. The realization that some so called human being (s) did this on purpose is beyond comprehension.
      In what mind is such as this acceptable?

      • My heart sank – I know a blogger who attended this event – flew in from Sweden to watch her friend run. I have heard from her and both her and her friend are fine. but for about a half hour I was freaking out.

        honestly, i do not know what is wrong with people’s minds these days – ‘some’ I should say.

      • I am glad they are okay.
        It saddens me that people can consider much less do things like this to others.
        People take emergency services for granted until such as this happens.
        It is the average person who suffers, for the crazy thought of another…and the average emt, fire, police or other person who has to step in….no big names, political people or superstars…just everyday people getting hurt…doing something that they worked hard to be able to do…and everyday people putting things back together.
        All because someone could conceive of such as this as an acceptable act.

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