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Hands Up, Baby Hands Up……….

Hands Up, Baby Hands Up………..

OK. Today I’m going to start with a quick “show of hands” type thing.

Hands up all of you that think that the 20% cuts to the police are not having an adverse effect on the way that the police are able to do their job.

I see. Interesting. Mr Cameron, Mrs May and Mr Winsor, please put your hands down and sit on them. Now remain in that position until I’ve finished. Thank you.

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I thought that due to the cuts imposed on the police, in the name of “reform”, that things would get worse, before they got better, and not just for the police.

In my opinion, the first duty of any government, is to protect its people.

In this country, this protection is usually carried out by the police and the armed services.

But how can the police protect the public if they can’t protect their own?

Quite recently, a colleague of mine had his push bike stolen from his shed, which he duly reported to the police.

The following day, while off duty, he saw a youth riding said bike and gave chase on foot. Having caught up with the youth, he identified himself as a police officer, phoned the local constabulary, and detained the youth. He had caught up with the youth at a place that would appear to have been close to the youth’s home address, as it would appear that the commotion had been heard by people in the houses nearby. (The youth had been proclaiming his innocence at stealing the bike, and had been trying to make good his escape).

Another male, then appeared from one of the houses nearby, brandishing an axe! He told my colleague to let the youth go. With no back up, no PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and still no sign of the local constabulary, He let the youth go. After all, the odds weren’t on his side. After letting go of the youth, the youth then picked up a length of wood and struck out at my colleague, hitting him on the arm, and shouted “Have your f*****g bike back!”

Fortunately, my colleague was not seriously injured, and he got his bike back. But my point is this:

He’d found himself in a position whereby he had detained a suspected offender, identified himself as a police officer, and was then confronted by a male with an axe. There was no back up, and no sign of the local police, to which he’d explained everything on his mobile phone.

And all of this took place not 200 metres from an SNT station.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. He does not blame the local police for not getting to his aid promptly. He knows how thinly we’ve been stretched and the conditions in which we have to work. He ended up with a grazed arm. It could have been a whole lot worse.

I have read about too many good, brave officers who have been been killed, or seriously injured, whether on duty or off, in the past few years. I don’t want to be reading about any more.

It’s a sad and desperate state of affairs, when the local police can’t get to the aid of anybody being confronted by someone with an axe, let alone one of their own.

These are the time we live in, people. And it’s not looking like things are about to improve any time soon. Millions of pounds cut from police budgets over the past two years, with millions of pounds of more cuts to come over the next couple of years.

Read it and weep folks.

Oh. Before I forget. Mr Cameron, Mrs May and Mr Winsor, you can stop sitting on your hands now.

This post is from SteelRiverBoy

Who has a marvelous blog, worth checking out.


My thoughts….

Some down to earth reality about cutting back on the numbers of Police Officers – and the cuts are not finished yet.

My comments can not really express just how upset this situation makes me.

I am very thankful that Steely allowed me to re-blog this post…I hope some people find it illuminating of the issues going on and worse, an indication of what is coming.

At some point, the safety of the public needs to be more important than bailing out banks, or raises for Politicians, doesn’t it?

Maybe that’s just me.


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