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No one

You are not less than another,
Despite what exists in the mind of a bully.
One person may be pushed, pulled, bullied, ignored, and diminished,
They select the target.

No one is going to stand up for you,
No one cares unless it touches them.
No one assures balance or respect.
No one returns the value or heals the wounds.

Nobody will pick you up when you stumble,
When trusting wrong or blurred vision confuses.
Nobody worries about you, or counts you as special.
If you step off the edge, you will fall till you hit bottom.

Nothing is the content of promises.
Nothing is the weight of words.
Nothing is the value of empty apologies.
Nothing is what you become in the light of negativity.

How often do you need to beat your head against a wall,
Before the pain seeps in showing you the actuality?
You have no one, nobody cares and nothing is the destination before you.
Yet it is your fault, despite the struggle not to sink, accept or give up.

That boat needs bailing,
Your alone with the only bucket.
Feel the water on your toes,
Finally you figure out just how it goes.

All the promises of before have come to naught.
Expect nothing.
Accept No one.
Trust nobody.



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