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A Picture That Reminded Me Of Differing Viewpoints.

Sunset. Hope In View.

I have been taking pictures, locally around the house, needing to use ones eyes to see what is worth taking a picture rather than venturing out to have something leap forward exclaiming, “take my photo please”.

It occurred to me that as in most things, no two people will see things exactly the same.

I can show someone this picture and they will be bored, nod and say ok.

Someone else will see colours, hues, clouds, time, thoughts, and feel different things, all from a picture that the first person considered drab, boring and “why would you want that?”

Sometimes I will write something and think that the point that I am seeking to make is clear, but someone else reading it can come away with something else due to their mindset, experience or how they interpret my words at the time.

I guess it can also be said for how we see each other, and who or what we consider beautiful.

Understanding is not automatic, our thoughts, reasoning, and views are shaded by our lives, experiences, educations and those little preconceived notions we have that we may or may not realize.

So when I look at something I think is lovely, or speaks to me, it is hard to remember someone else is going to look at it and think, what trash.

This would apply to almost everything that is presented for subjective appraisal by another, regardless of venue.

Photograph by Simple Lady

Photograph by Simple Lady


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