3s…one of those days just beginning


As things happen in 3’s
we are waiting for the 3rd and final shoe to drop
no walking under ladders
avoid elevators
triple check before crossing the street
make sure all texts and emails are going to the right person if they have intimate content
handle the dog and computers like fine porcelain
and don’t take pills from strangers (ya ok we don’t but just a general reminder)
If I left anything obvious out
fill in the blanks

Mishap 1

New car purchased by Housemate, male 1, broke down on the way to work with 50.00 of gas inside.

Mishap 2

Housemate 2 was making toad in the hole, filled the blender with the liquid and had not screwed the bottom on so flooded blender and counter.

~blender still works~

Catastrophe 3

as yet unassigned.


A thought for a soldier and his family.

A man was murdered, viciously, in broad daylight on a public street.

In almost any sane viewpoint this is not only horrifying but appalling.

That the man was a soldier, amplifies the disgust I feel towards those who committed the crime.

I do not think anyone can understand what his family is feeling, thinking but I am ever so sorry they are going through this.

Soldiers and Police are 2 examples of people who follow orders, protect the public whether at home or representing them abroad and they risk their lives doing it.

Regardless of whether you like them, respect, admire or hate them, they do not make the laws or the wars, they are just citizens that are serving their community/country.

If someone does not like that the soldiers of their country, whichever it is, are being sent to another country, if you live in a democracy, vote in a new government that is aligned with your beliefs.

Atrocities like this do not make governments withdraw from a course of action, if you have paid any attention to how the average human works you know this already.

Such actions are self serving, grandiose atrocities on individuals in the erroneous belief that this will change something.

Well it does change something.

It changes the average person who might well have listened to a logical recourse, a Politician who might have reconsidered their chosen direction, and the tolerant onlooker, indeed everyone will be hit by this but from what I have seen and read, it will not be in the favor of those who committed the murder, nor their cause.

I feel sorry for this man, his family, friends and fellow soldiers.

Stay safe folks.

Day out in Leicester, Part 2

Handmade Burger Company

Handmade Burger Co, Highcross Leicester.

The Day Out afforded me many many photo taking opportunities and with a few minor bits of restraint I kept an eye out for things that I found interesting.

Our stop for a midday meal was subject to a bit of debate as my cohort had previously been to the Handmade Burger Co. and did not like it, which caused a few wrinkles as I felt like  a burger on this rare (I almost never go out) trip out and about.

Of course the wait was a bit long as the place was crowded but I kept her amused with my wobbly chair and dropping the number off the stick repeatedly. Any wonder why I rarely venture out? All the finesse of  a bowling pin on a busy lane.

While ordering she did make a comment about the spices on the fries so I think she got extra just to make it worth her while (at least I hope so because I teased her about it).

This time around she found a burger that she liked (hurray for small miracles) and will likely visit again.

I enjoyed the meal, the staff were helpful and it was nice to sit down after following Miss “Shops A Lot” all over.

Oh and the American Cheese burger, is almost like those from a small restaurant in Canada.

~I so needed the coffee by this point.~

I decided to make a collage of the photos I took, and looking at them makes her want to go back (alas it’s garden sorting day today so no not happening).

No, not my usual post, but hey gotta be different occasionally.

Simply Sad

I feel sad and very sorry for those who died in the Tornado that swept through areas of Oklahoma.

I feel a lack of words for those who survive, and have lost loved ones, friends, homes.

I feel appreciation and a deep somber feeling for the volunteers and first responders.

No one needs to ask me to join them in feeling for these people, and I doubt I have to ask anyone else to do this either.

Weather is the hand of mother nature, it is constant and usually gentler than this, for that most of us should be grateful.

There is no one to rant at or blame.

Weather can be deadly.

My thoughts are with those surviving, searching and repairing what the Tornado destroyed.

It is my hope that this was the worst of this season, and for many seasons to come.