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A thought for a soldier and his family.

A man was murdered, viciously, in broad daylight on a public street.

In almost any sane viewpoint this is not only horrifying but appalling.

That the man was a soldier, amplifies the disgust I feel towards those who committed the crime.

I do not think anyone can understand what his family is feeling, thinking but I am ever so sorry they are going through this.

Soldiers and Police are 2 examples of people who follow orders, protect the public whether at home or representing them abroad and they risk their lives doing it.

Regardless of whether you like them, respect, admire or hate them, they do not make the laws or the wars, they are just citizens that are serving their community/country.

If someone does not like that the soldiers of their country, whichever it is, are being sent to another country, if you live in a democracy, vote in a new government that is aligned with your beliefs.

Atrocities like this do not make governments withdraw from a course of action, if you have paid any attention to how the average human works you know this already.

Such actions are self serving, grandiose atrocities on individuals in the erroneous belief that this will change something.

Well it does change something.

It changes the average person who might well have listened to a logical recourse, a Politician who might have reconsidered their chosen direction, and the tolerant onlooker, indeed everyone will be hit by this but from what I have seen and read, it will not be in the favor of those who committed the murder, nor their cause.

I feel sorry for this man, his family, friends and fellow soldiers.

Stay safe folks.


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