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Day out in Leicester, Part 2

Handmade Burger Company

Handmade Burger Co, Highcross Leicester.

The Day Out afforded me many many photo taking opportunities and with a few minor bits of restraint I kept an eye out for things that I found interesting.

Our stop for a midday meal was subject to a bit of debate as my cohort had previously been to the Handmade Burger Co. and did not like it, which caused a few wrinkles as I felt like  a burger on this rare (I almost never go out) trip out and about.

Of course the wait was a bit long as the place was crowded but I kept her amused with my wobbly chair and dropping the number off the stick repeatedly. Any wonder why I rarely venture out? All the finesse of  a bowling pin on a busy lane.

While ordering she did make a comment about the spices on the fries so I think she got extra just to make it worth her while (at least I hope so because I teased her about it).

This time around she found a burger that she liked (hurray for small miracles) and will likely visit again.

I enjoyed the meal, the staff were helpful and it was nice to sit down after following Miss “Shops A Lot” all over.

Oh and the American Cheese burger, is almost like those from a small restaurant in Canada.

~I so needed the coffee by this point.~

I decided to make a collage of the photos I took, and looking at them makes her want to go back (alas it’s garden sorting day today so no not happening).

No, not my usual post, but hey gotta be different occasionally.


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