The substance which is translucent.

SunCloud in HD


Those who say dreams are not real have never felt the breath of a ghost or looked deep into the pit of loss, suddenly encompassed by the sense of emptiness, of being nothing.

It is not the solid, physical world which feeds the flame that warms the soul, keeping the heart free from the frozen wasteland of hopelessness.

It is the self, the dreams, hopes, fears, regrets, pain and sorrows that make us human.

All the things that make us who we were, are and perhaps will be.

We sometimes underestimate the power of hope or the lack thereof as fuel to the person’s purpose, existence and self.

That which exists in all of us but can not be touched or measured.

Sometimes you do not see you have lost hope, until you glimpse it again.






Dog Poo Fairy.

There is no Dog Poo Fairy

There is no Dog Poo Fairy


Really? There is no Dog Poo Fairy? You are kidding right?

I try to walk the dog once a day.

Getting ready to leave there are 3 things besides the dog that I try to ensure I have with me.

The only one that I will return to the house for if forgotten is, you guessed it, poo bags.

Now do not get me wrong, this is not a post of complaint, no whining or grumbling, but merely observation and a bit of amusement, self directed.

Recently there was an issue where I misplaced something during our walk, so the last spot to look was the little red dog poo depository box.

Don’t get me going on how much I did not want to go near it again, and amusingly enough, neither did the dog.

Holding my nose I opened the lid and peaked in, the item I had misplaced had not fallen in with the bag of doggy deposit, however 2 things happened simultaneously.

Well 3 actually.

The dog was pulling to not go near the box.

As I peaked in quickly and realized I recognized all the bags in their as being mine.

The last but probably most amusing was, I stepped in someone else’s dogs poo, 4 inches from the base of the box.

 I realize of course that this is the perfect set up for a rant…but the dog patiently listened to my muttering about the situation as we walked all the way home and discovered the missing item (camera) had not left the house with us (my panic over losing it was silly).

What inspired this post if not to rant about the irony and idiocy of the situation?

Well, it was the feeling of being stupid I felt at realizing the contents of the dog poo bin were all from us.

I am not sure if I should apologize to the poor bloke (or blokett) that has to clear the bins or not.

After all, I see dozens of dogs out there daily, either while on the walk or out my bedroom window, and well heck if they are taking their packets of puppy waste home to their own bins, I must seem horribly lazy.

I was picking up after the mutt the other day as a dog walker went by and I thought nothing of it.

After all it is my hound, her mess is my responsibility to clean up.

Had the person who left the deposit beside the box cleaned up, I would not have stepped in it.

As amusing as that is.

It left me feeling a bit foolish for seeming to be one of the few who picks up after the hound that leads me through the parks paths.

Perhaps that dog walker was having a chuckle that I should be so stupid as to pick up after the dog? Don’t know.

No, this is not the only instance where I get told that I am silly for thinking people should “obey” the rules but it is not conformity.

I like the area that I walk the dog in, and as I see the mess accumulating, I realize that others who avail themselves of those paths are going to feel negatively about dogs…as they do not know I pick up after mine, we shall get tarred with the same brush.

The sign I encountered amused me.

It also pointed out very simply that, a lot of people do not think like I do.

As each of the “person level” lights along the path get broken and are not replaced, garbage is strewn about and even the thirty something aged fellow out spraying weeds dumped empty bins in an alcove that most people do not venture into instead of binning them and the fellow on the motorcycle going up and down scares the dog witless…the beauty of the area that the photographer part of me enjoys, sinks.

There are no Dog Poo Fairies.

I think that they exist in the world of that “someone else” who looks after things that people just can’t be bothered to.

You know that whole clan of super people that picks up the garbage, assists the lost, checks on the drunks and investigates the screams…picks up after the dogs whose owners just can’t be bothered.

Now, I walk the hound on a leash as she is not use to other dogs and I do not wish to have her or another dog getting embroiled in anything, and no one getting bit.  This happened previously where my dog was viciously attacked and hospitalized after surgery for broken bones and torn flesh, after he (a puppy dachshund) was torn out of one of the boys arms by the attacking pair of huskies that lived down the street from us. It was after they attacked us that we discovered they were serial attackers and had killed another ladies dog previously.

Needless to say the people who open their doors and let their dogs fly out into the park, leash and owner-less in their charge, make me nervous.

The fellow whose dog rushed up, hackles raised to us the other day, owner yards away, and yelling at me to hit his dog as it circled mine (seriously dude?) was part of the reason I changed when I walk the hound.

I agree, it is nice to have an area for your dog to run in.  I come from the farm, we had 365 acres for our dogs to roam. However, this was private property and no one else was supposed to be on it.

Even then, there were mishaps.  That however is another post.

I do not believe there is a Dog Poo Fairy.

You may laugh at me for picking up after my leashed dog, carrying my garbage to the bin, looking out the window when I hear screams in the park or any of the other things that it seems stupid to do, but all these things are like the offshoot of manners, like saying excuse me after I burp (which some people I know personally, refuse to do).

I can laugh at the silly things that happen, and shake off the feeling that someone thinks I am an idiot, because at the end of the day, what I do does not leave a mess or negative impression on others, if I can help it.

No one is perfect.

Myself and my dog included.

Oh, by the way, my dog believes there IS a dog poo fairy.

After she goes, she tries to dash off and when I stop her, she stays at the end of the leash because well, can’t get too close to that now can we?

I explained to her the other day, that most humans, seem to feel like she does.

Yet as she tip toes through other dogs mess, I think she wishes that their owners, were more like me.

Then again, she is constantly amused by me.

Red Box

Watch your step around here.

What is your prejudice?

Prejudice = any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.

I spent most of my time alone growing up, but when not immersed in a book, horseback riding off somewhere or whatever, I was surrounded by a very diverse, multicultural based part of society.

I have a prejudice, a learned preconceived opinion.

What is it?

That life, people, should always strive to be fair, and seeing unfairness should bother them.

I was raised to believe that no matter where someone is from, what they look like, where they pray (or even IF they pray), or basically ANYthing else you use to distinguish individual human beings, you should always treat them as you would wish to be treated.

Magnify that 1000% if your in the workplace.

A friend from India once tried to explain the caste system to me, because I did not understand how I was seeing people from certain cultures treat each other, or in fact, me.

Someone had said something based on my being female and Caucasian, very nasty and quite unfounded.

Never once in our conversation did either of us mutter the words reverse discrimination.

Discrimination is discrimination, it is not the province of any group to discriminate, because discrimination like prejudice, comes from individuals from any background on the planet.



Take the pigeon as an example.

My mom liked them, she had 1 particular pet pigeon that followed her everywhere she went on the farm.  If I was looking for her I would look for that pigeon or the dogs.

Since then I have heard all kinds of bad things about pigeons. I see people treat them poorly, talk nasty about them with an undertone of hatred that surprises me.

Pigeons being one example of where this is the case.

I was never told I could not do anything I wanted because I was female.

My mother and grandmother were pioneers (their names are included on the plaque of an area to prove it). Mom did things that women just did not do, before people realized that you could step into the world believing yourself equal.

It was not to push a boundary, to make herself be accepted, to flout anything, it was simply survival and the understanding she gained growing up doing all the same chores as the men, that if she wanted something she could do it.

Watching the pigeons today, going about their business, it occurred to me that they were a good example of prejudice, discrimination, and unfairness.

I am not a proponent of pigeons, and there are some valid reasons why they are a problem.

However, I have heard people espouse similar comments that I hear about pigeons, aimed in the direction of homeless, poor, elderly and well pick your particular point of vehemence.

It is not my place to tell anyone how to live, think, feel or survive.

Each one of us has our own journey and discoveries.

I admire people who do things to keep society, in all its flaws and dis-functions flowing away from the pits of lava and the dark tunnels that lead to some barely thought of abyss.

As I said, I have a prejudice, it is that things should be fair.  If your giving out chores, everyone in the house should do some, if your buying treats or giving out assignments at work, it should be fairly distributed.

I blame my mother.

In her job, which I did when I entered the workforce, she stressed that everything you do affects someone because you are giving them work, for which they will be paid and no matter what you think of someone, be fair – it IS their survival.

However, fairness is not the easiest path to walk.

People love to say that life is not fair.

Cop out.

Nature, the environment, our health, and war zones…things beyond individual human control may not be fair.

Too many excuse treating someone bad, or another better, by saying “life is not fair.”

Sorry, but unless your a tornado, flood, or other “act of god”, you have the choice to be fair or not.

Life is as fair, as the people you encounter, allow it to be.

It should not be so easy to see, hear of or tolerate, unfairness.

It should matter to us.

Okay, but that is just my prejudice speaking.