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Beauty is skin deep?

~This was a comment I wrote in another blog, in response to a post about cosmetic changes made by someone of Asian descent to her eyes.~

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

As someone who has lived with the judgement of others because of my appearance since I was old enough to realize they were doing it, I do not see how it is any of my business what cosmetic changes a person does to their body.

Should I be upset at a lack of cultural pride? No, because looking out from my skin, I know that I can not read their mind, or feel whatever they did to make them want change.

If people really cared more about the substance of a person, and less about how they look, the desire or need for cosmetic alterations would drastically drop.

It is not my place to judge another, view another with anything other than acceptance of them as a person and if how they look changes anything in my mind about them, then I am the one with the flaw that needs correction.

I believe if you have a connection to ancestors and heritage it should be cherished and allowed to form a foundational pillar within, but this is my belief, not something that I may force upon anyone else.

Human beings are beautiful.
Society, with it’s adherence to judgements based on how people look, is not.


One thought on “Beauty is skin deep?

  1. I agree – a person has a right to do what they want to do (I may not personally agree or choose the option for myself, but that is my business and it is separate of another’s). We should keep our thoughts to ourselves – and let it go……

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