Express yourself…speak words into the darkness.

Where is your filter at today?


Yes, that thing through which words flow, and thoughts get coloured.

It seems simple, a sentence, but the person listening, hears something else, neither thought of nor intended.

So as I look at the blank screen, I consider that filter.

Those eyes, minds and contemplations, filters I know nothing about.

I stopped writing.

I can not read minds, many times have I lamented my sheer boring normalcy, but this does mean that I can not read the unknown script and pass it back.

I can not give anything but my own thoughts or feelings.

Of course those are not always important to anyone else either.

It is like speaking to someone at the dinner table, and seeing the complete lack of understanding or even interest.

How bland does the food become and dim the light.

The art of listening, considering and conversing is being lost.

More often I watch them seek out something to make fun off on their iphones, because well that is what you do nowadays.

Pat yourself on the back for a nasty comment or mean retort.

Regardless of the recipient.

Express yourself, yes if you wish, but like talking to an empty room, there needs to be a destination or else it is just conversation with the wind.


One of those days

There are times when the world as big as it seems is very small.
Problems that are short seem tall.
Wisdom is knowing when to be silent,
Patience is accepting lack of control or even influence.
Reality is some stuff is not worth complaining about.
People hate whiners.
Everything is your fault in someone else’s eyes.
You don’t realize how little some folks care about the nasty shit they do to others.
So don’t let them win, live your life, and be the best you can despite the obstacles.
Respect and trust come with time, patience and knowledge… …if the person deserves the investment.
Of course that is  an individual decision.
We all make them, whether we admit it or not.

Today is a day to smile, and enjoy those you chose to invest in.

Forget those that you should not have given the time of day to, they already cost you enough if they took a second.