Walls and lightbulbs

Fact: The wall does not care  how many times you bang your head against it.

Fact: Your not going to dent that wall with your head.

Fact: Anyone watching is going to think you’re the one doing something wrong, not the wall.

Fact: Walls exist to perform their function, they do not ask why, wonder where they should be or if they are upsetting anyone.

Fact: Every time you hit your head against that wall, you feel it, and there is less of you afterwards.

Instead of banging your head against that wall, find the light switch, and turn it on.

Maybe with some illumination you will find a new thought, or even the reason why you keep banging your head against that wall.

The wall doesn’t care.

Or it would not be a wall, it would be something more malleable and considerate.

The wall does not care who wins or loses, who hurts or cheers, it does not want or miss anyone, it is just a wall.

Look out the window for a while, you might prefer the view.


Daily Prompt: Wicked Witch. Show us evil.

I saw a daily prompt which made me wonder.

Daily Prompt: Wicked Witch

The suggestion was:

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EVIL.


What is evil?

Is evil inside?

Or in the act of something horribly wrong?

You can show a person and say they are evil I guess, but were they always evil?  Does it matter?

To some professionals, that does matter.

You can not show a victim of something that we consider evil, because that victim is not evil (speaking generally here), and that would just be wrong.

People can have evil thoughts,, evil in their hearts, or do evil things but how do you show evil?

Is evil not a concept, like good, heaven, hell and well faith and hope…all intangible and difficult to depict with exactness.

Guns are not evil, they are tools which can be used in the aid of “good” or the process of “evil”.

I agree evil exists in the world, has shown up in horrors unimaginable throughout history, and will continue to.

I think it is too easy to label something or someone as evil and move on without examining causes, if only for markers, indicators of what could be seen to stop a repeat.

The holocaust was not the first such type incident – not knowing history would allow people to ignore signs, possibilities and indeed as that old saying goes, a repeat of the past.

I am sure everyone can name something they consider as depicting evil.

There is more such out there than I know about I am sure, and probably glad to not know.

I do not have to show anyone evil, because I think everyone has something that clicks into their minds at the mere mention of the word.

I know someone who works in Corrections, he sees people who the public consider evil everyday, he works to keep them separate yet humanely and responsibly cared for.

He says there is too much evil in the world, but he has no view on his charges other than, they are people serving a sentence and the judgement on them will come from some higher power, it is not for him to contemplate or condemn.

For myself I think that these folks get too much notoriety, some attention should be placed on those who do good deeds, without someone being bored with the positivity.

We have all heard of Anne Frank, but what is the name of the people who tried to hide them?

Or the others who silently do good deeds and save those who have no safety net, one person at a time.

Why does the dark entrance, and thrill, when it is so much harder to do good in the face of force and abuse?

Ah indeed, how to show evil.

It should be easy in the end, as a million visions pass through my mind at what things could be considered evil, now to take that and do some good…

…that would be something extraordinary.

It’s not the anniversary

I Saw A Flower Today

I Saw A Flower Today

If you lose someone you love, someone you shared each day with, worked with, lived your life with…

…It is going to leave a hole.

Now someone I know has a saying that marking special days, is redundant, that you should not miss someone more on 1 day than any other.

They miss the point.

It is not that you miss them more, usually you think of them every day, but some days have more memories/impact than others.

Yet that in itself is not the only reason.

Because others, who have no idea what it’s like, and possess little empathy, feel it is wasted emotion, tears or time, but ok on 1 day of the year it might be understandable.

Usually 1 day of the year, it’s okay to be seen sad or if your lucky, openly miss someone you lost.

Anyone who has been through it can say, everyday has a meaning, something shared or remembered, but you don’t share it, just know it inside.

Today is not an anniversary, one just passed and another 2 are coming up.

Then of course, there is Christmas.

Bless everyone who has a memory they have not shared today.

May they make you smile.

The poem inspired by the flower and the thoughts

I Saw A Flower Today