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Tears for a stranger.

Today as most will have seen, heard or are now finding out, someone chose to walk up and shoot a member of the honor guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Ottawa, before (we think) going into Parliament and being killed by the guards after an exchange of gunfire.

I do not know the name of the solider, I have never met him, and yet I feel sad enough to cry over the events that have unfolded and resulted in his violent untimely death.

Everyone will rant and argue over why, where, who and the rest…but I think personally that time and consideration needs to be given to this, currently unnamed brave soul.

It is a personal thing, the loss of a soldier or police officer, whether they are known or not because they are there for us.

When people stop thinking of others as thinking feeling worthy human beings, things like this become more possible.

Senseless brutality should never be accepted as “the way it is” because that allows it to become less impactful, and more common.

My thoughts go out to the family, friends and fellow soldiers, who will all feel the impact of this for the rest of their lives.

I shed a tear or a hundred for the loss of this soldier unknown to me, other than he was a Canadian, standing proudly on guard at a war memorial, and was undeservedly and horribly murdered.

Shame on those who feel this was acceptable.

Prayers for those who risk their lives in the service of Canada, U.S.A., UK and our allies.


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