Why are there laws?


I use to look around at the people I knew and think they were reasonable, law abiding and decent for the most part.

I knew of people that put their toes over the lines a little but I did not really have anything to do with them.

I have discovered some things that I never really wanted to discover and it makes me sad but by now I am not so very surprised.

Someone once asked me why, for the most part, I am in favor of the Police and most of that is, because they do the things that need doing for those who can’t do them, themselves.

You see, most people will never come across those who kill, rape, abuse, or will take everything they have, over and over, and not feel anything other than totally entitled.

The thing that I did not know until I discovered what some particular people were like behind those nice facades, was that people breaking the rules or laws, are not always as dumb as people like to think.

Seriously, some people know exactly what they can do and not get caught.

If your expecting them to feel empathy, remorse or to care one iota, they don’t.  In fact in some cases, they like to inflict mental and emotional pain on top of stealing everything someone has and deceiving them.

It makes them feel superior to accomplish the deed…and have you know they did it and got away with it.

I guess some people come by it honestly, in one instance I know of,  their father was a gambler, bigamist and thief.  Their grandfather was so pristine and shiny that he could claim to know the Krays and have em round the house for a visit.  They all grew up moving from country to country, scamming, stealing and claiming whatever government benefits they could (in more than one country at a time), the dad would change jobs and countries, marry, steal from the women, then return to his wife back in England.

Now the thing to realize is, these folk have all the things worked out on what they can get away with, and who will care about what they do. Who is likely to kick up a stink about what has happened.

That is why they do it the way they do.

So contemplate for a moment if the few laws that they do not break were not in existence?

You see like chameleons they can fit into their surroundings, there is no warning sign, no “danger Will Robinson” , there is just the snake charmer and the prey.

Oh yes I know that could not be you, could it.

The thing that amazes me most about people is, how many admire those that do what these people do.

Why is it that people think those who prey on others are so cool or smart?

Because this time it was not you and you don’t think it can happen to you?

Bravo for the con man, cheer on the thief, don’t blame the player…unless you are the one being played, robbed and losing everything you own because you trusted the wrong person.

It is sad, in this day and age, for people to cheer on the thief and disdain the victim.

I had a friend say that she contemplated suicide, being trapped inside such a web and losing everything, unable to get away she viewed her options as few or nonexistent…but as my friend said…then they would get away with driving her to kill herself without fear of repercussion.

I must say I admire her resolve, so much more so now than I did at the time, however I never looked kindly on the persons who put her in that position, while others blamed her for it.

We all live in an ocean of predators, with a few lifeguards we call police sparsely spaced about and some of the predators have the lay of the land down pat, so appreciate the lifeguards for what they can and do for you.

Some parts of the ocean you really do not want a close of view of, in so many different areas, my view is only on one.

The trick is not in realizing what is going on, it is accepting you can’t do anything about it, and surviving the extrication process somehow.

The predators have already moved on and your already just a spec in the rear view mirror that will soon be gone.


Daily Prompt: Wicked Witch. Show us evil.

I saw a daily prompt which made me wonder.

Daily Prompt: Wicked Witch

The suggestion was:

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EVIL.


What is evil?

Is evil inside?

Or in the act of something horribly wrong?

You can show a person and say they are evil I guess, but were they always evil?  Does it matter?

To some professionals, that does matter.

You can not show a victim of something that we consider evil, because that victim is not evil (speaking generally here), and that would just be wrong.

People can have evil thoughts,, evil in their hearts, or do evil things but how do you show evil?

Is evil not a concept, like good, heaven, hell and well faith and hope…all intangible and difficult to depict with exactness.

Guns are not evil, they are tools which can be used in the aid of “good” or the process of “evil”.

I agree evil exists in the world, has shown up in horrors unimaginable throughout history, and will continue to.

I think it is too easy to label something or someone as evil and move on without examining causes, if only for markers, indicators of what could be seen to stop a repeat.

The holocaust was not the first such type incident – not knowing history would allow people to ignore signs, possibilities and indeed as that old saying goes, a repeat of the past.

I am sure everyone can name something they consider as depicting evil.

There is more such out there than I know about I am sure, and probably glad to not know.

I do not have to show anyone evil, because I think everyone has something that clicks into their minds at the mere mention of the word.

I know someone who works in Corrections, he sees people who the public consider evil everyday, he works to keep them separate yet humanely and responsibly cared for.

He says there is too much evil in the world, but he has no view on his charges other than, they are people serving a sentence and the judgement on them will come from some higher power, it is not for him to contemplate or condemn.

For myself I think that these folks get too much notoriety, some attention should be placed on those who do good deeds, without someone being bored with the positivity.

We have all heard of Anne Frank, but what is the name of the people who tried to hide them?

Or the others who silently do good deeds and save those who have no safety net, one person at a time.

Why does the dark entrance, and thrill, when it is so much harder to do good in the face of force and abuse?

Ah indeed, how to show evil.

It should be easy in the end, as a million visions pass through my mind at what things could be considered evil, now to take that and do some good…

…that would be something extraordinary.