the TP police…ride again.

You know the type of people that will count out toilet paper squares to give you because they are that anal and concerned with money? The ex’s mother is that person – this morning she put a new roll of toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom. It’s gone. So I am in my room and she was in the doorway ranting about the toilet paper – Thomas showered and he apparently LOVES to go through toilet paper (apparently).

Until the last 6 months I would never imagine I would be so happy that I walk the extra flight of stairs to use the OTHER bathroom.

Remember folks “BE SQUARE AWARE. Conserve your Toilet Paper, save the world” (or a few pennies whichever way inclined you are).


3s…one of those days just beginning


As things happen in 3’s
we are waiting for the 3rd and final shoe to drop
no walking under ladders
avoid elevators
triple check before crossing the street
make sure all texts and emails are going to the right person if they have intimate content
handle the dog and computers like fine porcelain
and don’t take pills from strangers (ya ok we don’t but just a general reminder)
If I left anything obvious out
fill in the blanks

Mishap 1

New car purchased by Housemate, male 1, broke down on the way to work with 50.00 of gas inside.

Mishap 2

Housemate 2 was making toad in the hole, filled the blender with the liquid and had not screwed the bottom on so flooded blender and counter.

~blender still works~

Catastrophe 3

as yet unassigned.