It’s not the anniversary

I Saw A Flower Today

I Saw A Flower Today

If you lose someone you love, someone you shared each day with, worked with, lived your life with…

…It is going to leave a hole.

Now someone I know has a saying that marking special days, is redundant, that you should not miss someone more on 1 day than any other.

They miss the point.

It is not that you miss them more, usually you think of them every day, but some days have more memories/impact than others.

Yet that in itself is not the only reason.

Because others, who have no idea what it’s like, and possess little empathy, feel it is wasted emotion, tears or time, but ok on 1 day of the year it might be understandable.

Usually 1 day of the year, it’s okay to be seen sad or if your lucky, openly miss someone you lost.

Anyone who has been through it can say, everyday has a meaning, something shared or remembered, but you don’t share it, just know it inside.

Today is not an anniversary, one just passed and another 2 are coming up.

Then of course, there is Christmas.

Bless everyone who has a memory they have not shared today.

May they make you smile.

The poem inspired by the flower and the thoughts

I Saw A Flower Today