Between the sun and the moon.

“sun enhances the day, speeds the many through along the way, but moonlight shelters the dreamer and the lost..”

These walls are polished bright, well surrounded am I within.  Yet as I allow a wisp of air in to refresh, breathe life into dreams quashed and hopes forgotten.

How much simpler to leave it closed, not seek out what you often hide even from yourself?

If this is to be my life, then I wish to live it.

Not bereft of pleasure, happiness or love.

I am well versed in the negative and the destruction, but must one always risk it for a brief glimpse of the cherished and rare?

Those walls are deceptive, they await your return, proudly assuming that you will be back.

You will admit defeat, crawl inside and exist.

Struggle lest you enter, for it is a deceptive safety.

The darkness numbing the soul and strangling the fire within.

Release the dreamer from the bonds, so they may envision a brighter world of twilight.

Enchant not the lover, for love is best given as they desire to, freely.

Revile not the fool, for we are all foolish sometime, and needed the shelter of stronger folk.

Accept what is gifted, without obligation or derision.

…sing softly lest you disturb another or rather share the lyrics…

…inviting another to share a thought they too may have and thus not feel alone.

Perhaps one would then be strong enough to make their own footsteps, not follow those fashioned by others who know not your heart or soul.