Simply Sad

I feel sad and very sorry for those who died in the Tornado that swept through areas of Oklahoma.

I feel a lack of words for those who survive, and have lost loved ones, friends, homes.

I feel appreciation and a deep somber feeling for the volunteers and first responders.

No one needs to ask me to join them in feeling for these people, and I doubt I have to ask anyone else to do this either.

Weather is the hand of mother nature, it is constant and usually gentler than this, for that most of us should be grateful.

There is no one to rant at or blame.

Weather can be deadly.

My thoughts are with those surviving, searching and repairing what the Tornado destroyed.

It is my hope that this was the worst of this season, and for many seasons to come.



A Picture That Reminded Me Of Differing Viewpoints.

Sunset. Hope In View.

I have been taking pictures, locally around the house, needing to use ones eyes to see what is worth taking a picture rather than venturing out to have something leap forward exclaiming, “take my photo please”.

It occurred to me that as in most things, no two people will see things exactly the same.

I can show someone this picture and they will be bored, nod and say ok.

Someone else will see colours, hues, clouds, time, thoughts, and feel different things, all from a picture that the first person considered drab, boring and “why would you want that?”

Sometimes I will write something and think that the point that I am seeking to make is clear, but someone else reading it can come away with something else due to their mindset, experience or how they interpret my words at the time.

I guess it can also be said for how we see each other, and who or what we consider beautiful.

Understanding is not automatic, our thoughts, reasoning, and views are shaded by our lives, experiences, educations and those little preconceived notions we have that we may or may not realize.

So when I look at something I think is lovely, or speaks to me, it is hard to remember someone else is going to look at it and think, what trash.

This would apply to almost everything that is presented for subjective appraisal by another, regardless of venue.

Photograph by Simple Lady

Photograph by Simple Lady

Views from the everyday.

Dancing Butterflies

Walking the dog I noticed things that I wanted to take pictures of.

Simple things, that you see everyday but most of the time we don’t pause to look. notice or bother to take pictures of.

Now the dog is patient, and use to me dragging her off to take pictures, standing still while I click away at something.  I am lucky that she is so tolerant.

While we were checking out a new spot, we noticed a bunch of butterflies, different types, and I decided we needed to try taking a few pictures.

Definitely got on the dog’s last nerve, as there was a cat following us around, which she feels is just so not apropos.

For the next few weeks my picture blog will likely be filled with photos of things we are too busy to take the time to notice in the everyday.

Simplify the richness of the environment we live in…just leave out the cats (for the dog) and spiders (for me).

Maybe we will all look about a little more, and see what we are hurrying through to get to where we are going.

Pictorially Inspired is where the pictures that are stacking up will make an appearance.