Equality. Part 1. Human Beings.

~ This is just my viewpoint – some folks are not going to like it or agree with it –  I respect other people’s viewpoints hopefully that will be reciprocated.  The use of the word “system” in this post means Government, Politics and general structure of society, not Law Enforcement or Military.~


When I was 16, a “card carrying member” of the Canadian Communist Party spent hours trying to convince me that my views on Politics were not fully fleshed out. How could I not understand that people should all be equal and share the wealth?

Bruce was a charmer, he converted an older friend of my mom’s but there were too many flaws and points he could not get by my young but not entirely naive mind.

Bruce went on about equality of human beings, the sharing of everything curing poverty, crime and the rest of his views of perfection.

In theory, economic and real equality of persons sounds like nirvana but you see even as a teenager I could see the flaws. They appear when you introduce human beings to the mix as the overseers of the distribution of the wealth.  Bruce pointed out that my given example of one horrible deadly failure, Khmer Rouge, could not be expanded to apply to ALL.

It is true, you can not apply one example, experience or news report to everyone in a group (hold that thought for a later post), and I did not. My counter point had been that it is not the actuality of corruption that would halt my belief in such a totalitarian utopia, but the lack of examples of success, and instances where human frailties did not corrupt the system for someone’s gain. Either voluntarily or under threat.

You see there is a basic flaw in people, it shows with people differently, but they all spring forth from the mere, undeniable fact that we are all HUMAN.

There are no perfect human beings, because we all need to strive for something, and perfection is just one of the options available to work for.

Knowing that it is possible for people to follow either path, does not make me assume that any individual will automatically go down the wrong one.

Perhaps that is where Bruce and I differed inherently.

Bruce believed in the system, and saw people merely as cogs within it.

I believe in people, and see the system as what they struggle with to carry out good deeds, and help others.

Or alternately it is the system that gets used to the advantage of some over the majority, or corrupts the positive, twisting it to allow for someone to gain or prevail.

Equality exists, in ways today that it did not in my mother or grandmother’s day.

In THIS country, and most western ones, we are all equal under the law, we may all vote, receive an education, live free and strive to better our “situation” within the channels open to us.

Equality does not mean anyone is more equal, deserves more breaks because of a wrong done to a forefather or ancestor, if this was the case I would qualify as one of those deserving to be “more equal” as the wrongs done to my grandmother were done with government permission and encouragement 101 years ago, this year.

Equality means equal, not more equal, not more deserving nor does it mean hand ups or hand outs.

It means equal.

Things tend to happen in cycles, at some point they have to be broken, like the pendulum they swing back and forth until they hit the tipping point, and a reverse reaction occurs.

Did my grandmother deserve reparation for what she suffered? Sure. Others who survived those circumstances received it, she passed away before she knew she could, always blaming those who forced things on her as a child that she did not fully understand and costing her a family she loved.

Do I think I deserve to get a hand up because of what happened to her? No.

Equality may one day actually mean what it is, that two people are equal and treated fairly within the system of government we have, in any western country.

Some people took that sentence to mean something other than what it did.

Equality as human beings under the law is the simplest thing to acquire.

Being seen as equal, being treated fairly without personal bias or agenda, within that system or even the average workplace, that is where the friction starts.

The system is not meaning Law Enforcement in any way, shape or form but….that part of my thinking will be in a future post.